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1930 Model ‘A’ Ford Roadster.


1930 Model ‘A’ Ford Roadster.

1930 Standard Canadian Roadster. Completely dismantled. Right hand drive. Conversation to LHD if ever required, at this stage is a breeze.

There are no other projects available offering such originality out there, particularly those relating to Canadian built, New Zealand assembled right hand drive Model
Fords. It is indeed a unique opportunity for the right buyer to purchase a near complete vehicle. A chance of a lifetime. 99% of all the parts listed here to make up the vehicle are original parts. Repro would include the rubber floor mats, rumble lid handle with keys,and from memory one fuel line.

This car has be carefully stored and garaged all of the many years of my ownership. On first owning the car, it was motored extensively. The car is now dismantled and the parts pertaining to the car are listed below. All parts unrestored unless stated. Some parts are NOS. (New Old Stock.)

Complete unrestored body with rumble seat, from new. Has rumble lid and a new lid handle with 2 keys. Canadian assembled body. Body never been dismantled. (Un-riveted.) Complete with rumble hinges and stainless grab rails. New cowl sides have been welded in place many years ago. The inside of the body has been sealed with a rust proofing agent and the body has very little rust. The complete body would require sand blasting to remove any blemishes and 83 of wear and tear. No panels have been replaced on the body, apart from the cowl panels mentioned above. The flooring is complete and original and is rust free. This is one of the finest unrestored bodies I have seen in a long time.

2 good rust free doors.

1 excellent hood with louvers in excellent condition. No dents or rust. New stainless rod hinges supplied, cut to the exact length.

2 1/2 sets of running boards. All are in need of serious repair work. One pair could be made from what is offered. The flat part of the running board in all the boards would require replacing.

1 excellent 1930 radiator shell. The best I have ever seen with radiator badge.

2 radiators. One incomplete. The other is 100% complete and looks excellent, but needs a new core. Tanks and sides are excellent.

1 late 1930 fuel tank, ie takes the ribbed dash panel. The tank is bright and shiny on the inside, and is dent and rust free. Included are fuel pipes to and from the firewall and new or near new gas tap.

Complete emergency brake handle and rod to equalizer.

Pair of windscreen lower brass posts, repro Robertson mounting screws, and a pair of the heavier stainless windscreen stanchions. Both stanchions have been welded with stainless weld to fill in a few holes only. Once the weld is ground down and they are polished, the welds will be impossible to see. Includes original post sockets and studs.

Pair of new
top clamps
. (Hold the top to the stanchions.)

Hood handles (set). Unrestored.

9/34 speedo drive in excellent condition and outer cable. No inner cable.

Stainless Taillight complete, but no glass. Dismantled with Right Hand stalk.

One complete set of shock absorbers. Shock bodies are unrestored and are free and working, and in near new condition. They would require opening and cleaning and sealing ONLY.

Horn complete and in excellent condition. Rewound for 12 volts.

1 complete 2 tooth RHD steering box with steering wheel. Throttle assembly attached. Complete with original good horn rod which requires a small repair to the wiring at the bottom.

1 NOS gearbox. Complete with the original Canadian gear knob, which are not made. Box is painted
Engine Green
with the gear lever nickeled.

Matching universal covers.

Restored and painted bellhousing and flywheel housing. Both are uncracked and excellent. Bellhousing has new brake and clutch shaft fitted.

Untold boxes of original bolts and screws. These are all in parts boxes and packed into cardboard cartons.

Complete RHD wiring loom. Main loom only.

There should be all the original Robertson screws for the complete car.

Many boxes of bolts pertaining to the car, i.e. engine, flywheel housing etc.

Round speedo with the late dash to match. Dash is excellent. (No extra holes.) Included the Ammeter.

Electrolock cable and switch. Untested.

Engine block for a complete overhaul. Complete with all fittings and bolts and a complete excellent sump. Engine number CAU9803. Include crankshaft (with counterweights supplied, to be installed), good camshaft, bearing caps, cylinder head, late tappet cover, water outlet and inlet pipes, oil pump and pan (sump) in good order.

NOS waterpump.

Splash trays.

Complete distributor. Unrestored.

Starter motor.

Generator restored to 12 volts.

Clutch plate and driven plate, with clutch slide and bearing.

Flywheel with ring gear.

Pair of rear fenders which are not with the car at the moment. They are being stored for me some distance away, and will be obtained to go with the remainder of the vehicle.

Partial hood bows and bow wood. What I have is in excellent condition. Just the front bow is missing.

Rear window frame. Complete with the original 1/8″ Whitworth original brass Robertson screws. These small screws are impossible to obtain. No glass.

Good dash rail. In need of a small repair. Complete with original screws.

Complete stainless steel exhaust system and front clamp.

Exhaust and inlet manifolds. (RHD inlet.)

Carburettor. Unrestored. Plus parts for another carb.

Choke rod and fittings.

Complete restored front end. All new parts including all 4 ball joints, king pins etc. Radius rods fitted. Radius rod ball has been built up with hard weld and would require finishing to size.

4 good original drums and hubs. Never been ground. Would only require a slight skim.

Complete rear end. Restored. Rear spring restored and fitted. Radius rods and torque tube fitted. Backing plates fitted. Universal fitted.
bolts are supplied.

Complete restored straightened and painted frame (frame only) with emergency brake and foot brake equalizers fitted and working 100%.

2 front springs. To make one from the 2.

2 full bumpers and most fittings to hold the bumpers in place. For a full bumper front and back.

2 front fenders in good order with original wheel wells for side mount spare wheel, BUT both are right hand side, complete with stalks.

2 front fender stays.

All interior door and cowl panels. Made by myself exactly as original, with the centre pressed outward and the corners scalloped as original. Plus all the original male and female original fasteners to hold the panels to the doors.

Original fuel and radiator caps. (Stainless.)

3 original stainless hubcaps.

6 good 19″ rims.

Set of new wheel nuts. Zinc plated.

Rear spare stalk for spare wheel. Now removed from body.

Masses of bolts for fenders, running boards, body blocks, engine etc.

Remains of original floor boards to copy.

Starter bracket assembly. (Works the starter switch for RHD.)

Some 19″ tubes. I would not advise them to be used.

All brake shoes and emergency bands. Unrestored.

Front restored backing plates.

Excellent clutch and brake pedals with unworn pedal surfaces. (Extremely rare.)

All brake rods. Some original in excellent cond. The others repro with antirattlers.

Repro new
Spatter Pattern
rubber front floor mat and new
Pyramid Pattern
Pedal Mat.

Side curtain rods.

Front bumper braces. Restored. Fitted to the frame.

Full set of new body blocks.

Stainless Cowl band restored.

Some original body woodwork. Virtually a full set, but some may have to be replaced.

Rear of the seat wood framing, complete. Repro. IE, back of the front seat.

Many original Robertson screws collected.

Host of other parts put aside for this restoration collected over many, many years. Only the best parts I keep.

Most small parts are boxed. There are about 20 cardboard cartons of small parts in small parts boxes.

1 headlight bar. Excellent condition.

2 Complete stainless headlights and glasses with a set of original headlight stainless conduits. The only horn conduit available, is brass, not stainless.

2 spare excellent rear axles.

2 new books.
The Complete Model
Ford Restoration Manual
The Right hand Drive Model
. Both necessary to complete an authentic restoration.

Major parts not included. All are available repro, from the USA. (Apart from the licence plates of course.)

Windscreen frame and glass.

Any seating.

Top or side curtains.

Tyres and good tubes.

Internal engine parts.

Registration, or plates.

Front and rear wheel bearings.

There are numerous small parts with the car. Too many to listed. The list covers the major parts.

The buyer will get more than the parts listed. There are many minor parts not mentioned. As far as I am aware (excluding the
parts not included
above), there should be enough parts to make up

a complete 1930 Canadian Model

Rust in the body is very minor. It is limited to the bottom of the rear wheel arches and a few small rust holes in the Rumble
Curved Inner Panel
. Pictures of any areas are available. All the original flooring in the car is rust free and intact. Does not need replacing in any way.

Pictures can be emailed of any parts. Advise what is required. If you find anything I have missed, please inquire. It may be a genuine mistake.


A shipping container of a suitable size can be landed at my garage doorway. I will pack the container to ensure all parts are packed properly. A container port is only 50ks away.

Shipping and container is at buyers expense. I can liaise between buyer and the shipper if required. I can email the address of a good reliable shipper.

Shipping rates are unknown. This depends on the final destination.

As the car is completely dismantled it makes taking pictures difficult. Just ask and a picture if any part(s) will be emailed.

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