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Classic Mercedes Benz 260e May 1992 W124.026 4 Speed Automatic, One Owner from NEW ! 105K Miles FMBSH


Classic Mercedes Benz 260e May 1992 W124.026 4 Speed Automatic, One Owner from NEW ! 105K Miles FMBSH

Here we have for sale today and available for viewing (by appointment only) is a fantastic
May 1992, Mercedes Benz 260e Saloon. This vehicle is very near
condition and we would welcome any viewings by interested parties to be mindful that vehicles like this rarely come on to the
open market
and with the full, detailed, documented and complete log and history we envisage that this particular vehicle will not be online for sale for any length of time.

Due to the nature and type of vehicle we are of course interested only in
buyers that are looking to add this vehicle to an established collection or for anyone who wants the fantastic opportunity to purchase and use this modern day appreciating classic.

This car is ONLY being sold now due to a lack of regular use. In addition the vehicle is also taking up some additional room that is required for storage facilities at our residence, so sadly the Mercedes will now be sold on to a very lucky, fortuitous new keeper.

The car comes supplied with the most detailed history you could ever wish to see and thumb through and has been maintained throughout its 23 year life by the local main MB dealership (Lancaster Mercedes Benz).

Anything and everything that has every needed, repair or replacement has simply just been
taken care of
there have be no corners cut on the maintenance of this vehicle which supports the provenance of the low mileage and fantastic condition.

Previous documented, MOT certificates, Sales Invoices for ALL repairs and replacement parts including service items. You really need to VIEW this vehicle to appreciate the quality of what is being sold here.

All this and then you are wondering, what is the sales price, well let
s just say we are pricing the vehicle competitively and will be considering
serious offers
in the region of GBP

Serious offers CLOSE to the above mentioned asking price will be considered.

Vehicle of course will be supplied with all documents; it is HPI Clear, No finance and NO damage to any panels. The vehicle coachwork overall is 98% “Original
and no corrosion to speak of.

Please note that viewings can be arranged at reasonably short notice and are flexible based on day of the week and time of appointments. Either Saffron Walden, Essex or Swaffham in Norfolk.

More information is shown below on the Series, Engine and Running Gear for your perusal.

Based on the W124 series chassis offers a great, durable and simple platform, there are lots of reasons why these modern classics are appreciating in value not just the fact that as every year passes there a fewer fine examples that are available in the market place.

Convincing reasons below to seriously consider the reasons to buy a 124 based Mercedes Benz.

Why a W124? Why a 260e Saloon
Questions we have answers for

There are lots of convincing reasons to buy a W124

Unmatched build quality

Superb ride quality

Design and engineering excellence

Simplicity when compared with modern cars

Low depreciation

Low insurance costs when on a classic policy


Unmatched turning circle

Socially acceptable

Used as the prototype for Euro NCAP testing

There is no other car that combines luxury, durability and excellent ride quality as well as a W124. Bought carefully, and maintained by the right people, they are inexpensive to run, particularly over a long period.

Maintenance of a used modern classic Mercedes 260e

W124s are not expensive to maintain. An A service costs around
140 plus parts and a B service around
200 plus parts. The service schedule is every 9000 miles alternating between A and B services. Additional work (brake fluid change, coolant change, etc) is required every 36,000 miles. We would recommend the car is serviced once a year whether they’ve done 9000 miles or not. This allows your mechanic to check safety-critical items such as brake pipes and tyres before every MOT

We would also recommend you use an experienced Mercedes independent garage to maintain your W124. Mercedes dealers are expensive and their mechanics see few cars of this age. Local garages, whilst generally excellent, often lack the specialist knowledge required for Mercedes of this era. Independent specialists are more efficient and more cost-effective. A typical labour rate for an Independent garage outside of London is
45 / hour.

Cars of this age will demand occasional replacement items such as suspension bushes, engine mounts and window regulators. None of these items is particularly expensive and a good independent garage will spot any deterioration and be able to schedule replacements and prevent breakdowns

Engine and Transmission Information:

The smaller 103.940 engine (158 in
or 2597 cm
) produces 160 hp or 122 kW at 5800 rpm (with catalyst), 166 hp or 124 kW at 5800 rpm (without catalyst), and generates torque at 162 ft
lbf or 220 N
m at 4600 rpm (with catalyst), 168 ft
lbf or 228 N
m at 4600 rpm (without catalyst). It also used the CIS-E engine management system and had a bore of 82.9 mm (3.26 in) and a stroke of 80.2 mm (3.16 in). The only mechanical differences from the M103 3.0 L to the M103 2.6 L were the decrease in bore, smaller intake valves and a slightly different airbox. The CIS-E components between 2.6 and 3.0 variants are all shared for any given model year with the exception of the ECU making engine swaps from 2.6 to 3.0 virtually bolt-in. The Mercedes Benz 722-series automatic gearbox to which it is usually linked (5-speed manuals were available on some models but are quite rare) is calibrated to take off in second gear to reduce “creeping” and provide a smoother ride. The transmission will select 1st only if the selector is in “2” or in case of abrupt acceleration. Other attributes of this transmission include a 2-3 shift delay when the engine is cold in order to speed up catalyst warm-up. 4th gear is a 1:1 ratio meaning that cruising at about 100 km/h (62 mph) generates engine speeds around 3000rpm. This engine can be found in the W201 (190), W124 E-Class and W126 S-Class.

Please feel free to contact us for more information, additional photos, and other questions or to simply arrange a viewing which is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

Thank you for looking, you won
t be disappointed, FIRST to SEE will buy we are almost sure, Do not miss out on this fantastic opportunity to own a fantastic modern day
classic Merc


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